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7+ simple home remedies that help with cleaning arteries

Your arteries carry oxygen-rich blood throughout every part of your body. When healthy, arteries are smooth on the inside, and blood flows through them easily, according to WebMD. However, sometimes we get a buildup of plaque on the inner walls of our arteries, which clogs them and inhibits blood flow. …

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17 Warning Signs Of Diabetes : What You Need To Know

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From those symptoms we love to talk about at the water cooler – “Man, am I tired!” to those that we really don’t want anyone to know – ahem, erectile dysfunction, cough ,the signs of diabetes are subtle but serious. And while diabetes is manageable, it can shorten your life …

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11 health benefits of rubbing alcohol

Most people keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol in the medicine cabinet. Few, however, know what rubbing alcohol really is and how to use it. First, there are two types of rubbing alcohol. Isopropyl is commonly made with a concentration of 70 percent alcohol and bitter additives that make the …

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