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Are Oranges Good for Dogs?
Are Oranges Good for Dogs?

Are Oranges Good for Dogs?

if you have this question : Are Oranges Good for Dogs? the answer is yes but you should to know this.

Hazards of Oranges for Dogs?

Oranges are a great source of potassium, nutrients, and fiber and are also high in sodium, making an excellent snack when consumed in small amounts at most, 2 or 3 portions per each day. They’re a moderate source of sugar. They can also cause GI irritation if your dog consumes too much

Although oranges aren’t toxic to dogs, there are a couple of things to be aware of when serving them up to the dog to eat as snacks. They contain moderate amounts of sugar and could cause GI upset when your dog consumes excessively. If you’re considering feeding to your pet an orange it’s probably best to begin slow to observe how his stomach reacts. You must peel the orange so that you can take off the seeds.

Do not feed your pet citrus right away if you observe any unusual behavior. Suppose your pet loves oranges and does not show indications of allergies. In that case, you should restrict the consumption of citrus and other irritants to not exceeding 10 percent of the calories consumed each day. Limiting the amount of dog treats you feed your pet can stop stomach upsets and weight gain.. Some dogs do not like the tartness of citrus fruits, and some will eat anything they are offered including the orange’s fruit and the peel that comes with one. Peels of an orange aren’t harmful, however they could get stuck in the intestinal tract of your dog, causing obstructions that require removal surgery. It is advised to keep them from your dog’s food supply due to the following reasons.

Some dogs don’t like the tartness of oranges, and others will eat whatever you offer them, which includes both the fruit and the peel of an orange. Peels of orange aren’t harmful, but they can get trapped inside the digestive tract of your dog, creating an obstruction necessitating surgery to remove. It is best to keep them away from your dog’s access for these reasons.

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