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health, healthy snacks, healthy food near me
health, healthy snacks, healthy food near me

17 Warning Signs Of Diabetes : What You Need To Know

From those symptoms we love to talk about at the water cooler – “Man, am I tired!” to those that we really don’t want anyone to know – ahem, erectile dysfunction, cough ,the signs of diabetes are subtle but serious.

And while diabetes is manageable, it can shorten your life considerably.

It can also up your risk of things like blindness, heart attack, and even loss of a foot. Check out our full list of signs that add up to diabetes, and then do the math a trip to the doctor may be warranted.

17 Fatigue

Sure, lots of things cause fatigue, including the simplest explanation that you’re just not sleeping enough. But fatigue almost always comes along with diabetes, because the body is trying and failing to use the fuel that’s put in.

If you find that you’re extra tired after eating, when you should have more energy, that’s a strong sign that diabetes might be present.

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